GTA V next gen first person footage leaks, gifs created

GTA V next gen screen 14

GTA V's new first person mode has been streamed online, so naturally some gifs have been created.

Many are gearing up for the release of GTA V on PS4 and Xbox One next week, and just days ahead of its official launch on 18th November somebody has been streaming the game online. Yeah, they're not supposed to be doing that, but before the footage was taken down a NegoGAF user created some gifs for all to enjoy.

NeoGAF user dreamlock created the gifs from the footage he recorded of the GTA V streams that have appeared online. You must admit, first person mode in GTA V looks like a whole new game to enjoy.

The gifs below show some daring driving into oncoming traffic on a bike, as well as a first person view of collision with a 4x4.

Head on over to the NeoGAF forum to see some more of the gifs. Thanks, Kotaku.

Rockstar recently stated that their user feedback is important in helping them deliver the free content updates they've implemented to GTA Online over the past year, as well as going forward. The devs also revealed that the Online Heists mode will be in the first update of the game after the next-gen versions are released.

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