EE's new dongle brings improved 4G connectivity to your car

The Boys And The Car

EE have just launched their new EE Buzzard 2 dongle.

EE Buzzard 2 is the second in-car 4G dongle that UK network giant, EverythingEverywhere has brought out this year.

It comes just six months after they introduced the first Buzzard model, which came with two parts: the dongle that plugs into your car's cigarette lighter, and another dongle that can go into the USB port of a computer.

The Buzzard 2 is just one single bulb-like piece that plugs straight into the car. Like its predecessor it can support up to 10 WiFi connections, which you would expect to be more than enough for a vehicle.

Other changes include an all-new lighting system that according to EE "makes it easier to use". You also get the added bonus of the dongle being a USB charger, which will be handy if your smartphone, tablet or sat nav starts running low on juice.

The first Buzzard dongle was priced at £49.99, but could be purchased at a subsidised fee if a monthly plan was signed up to in the process.

It's a similar story with the Buzzard 2, apart from the fact that its pricing starts at a whopping £79.99. Signing up to a £10 per month 1GB of data plan will drop to cost substantially to only £19.99.

If you need a little more data than that then you can treble your allowance to 3GB and pay £15 per month; signing up to that plan would also make the Buzzard 2 device absolutely free.

In theory the Buzzard 2 sounds like a good device, having never used or seen the first Buzzard in use it's difficult to determine how good and practical a device like this would be. 

The UK's 4G coverage is still sketchy at best and for long journeys where you're mainly on motorways it could be a struggle to get the dongle to keep a reliable connection. Also the allowances aren't overly generous especially considering the prices EE are charging. If you have kids that like streaming Netflix, NowTV etc, you might find you eat that data up pretty quickly.