5-year-old is world's youngest PC specialist after Microsoft exam

The young Microsoft Certified Professional wants to start his own company and create a UK Silicon Valley.

Ayan Qureshi was 5 years old when he became the world's youngest computer specialist, since passing his Microsoft exam to become a Microsoft Certified Professional.

Ayan is 6 years old now, and he told the BBC that he found the exam 'difficult but enjoyable'. He also wants to set up a UK-based tech hub in the future, similar to America's Silicon Valley. He wants to call it 'E-Valley', as well as start his own company.

Ayan's father Asim Qureshi, who's an IT consultant, said: "There were multiple choice questions, drag and drop questions, hotspot questions and scenario-based questions.

"The hardest challenge was explaining the language of the test to a five-year-old. But he seemed to pick it up and has a very good memory."

Ayan began tinkering with computers when he was just 3 years old, after his father introduced them to him and let him play with them. "I found whatever I was telling him, the next day he'd remember everything I said, so I started to feed him more information," Mr Qureshi told the BBC.

"Too much computing at this age can cause a negative effect, but in Ayan's case he has cached this opportunity."

When Ayan arrived to take his Microsoft exam, the invigilator's were worried he was too young, but his father reassured them he would be OK.

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