UPDATED: The first images of Rosetta's Philae lander on comet 67P have arrived

Rossetta Philae Lander Comet first image after landing 1

A panoramic image from the lander has now been released.

Update - 13/11/2014 14:33

As mentioned in the original story below, the ESA have now released a full panoramic image of the Philae lander's view on comet 67P.

Comet 67P Philae Lander panorma 1

During the live media briefing this afternoon the ESA said this image is put together by 6 separate shots, making up this panorama. The lander currently sits on only two of its three legs too, following its triple landing on the comet.

Philae project manager Stephan Ulamec said they're still not entirely sure where the lander ended up, but they do have a rough idea.

I've also updated the original first image below with a much larger version of the shot. Just click on it to view the larger version and take in all that comet goodness.

Original Story - 13/11/2014 11:47am

The world has been gripped over the past few days, over the Rosseta Philae Lander probe's mission to touch down on comet 67P. Well, the lander did just that yesterday, and landed on the comet after a couple of bounces.

The mission's masterminds, the European Space Agency (ESA), have today released the first two images of the lander's current view of the comet.

In the image you can see one of the lander's three feet on the left. The shot is made up of two images, and the ESA say the full panoramic view from CIVA will be released this afternoon during a press briefing at 1pm GMT. We'll update this article once it's delivered.