Skyrim to get the Minecraft treatment on PlayStation consoles

MInecraft Skyrim

Bethesda’s champion action RPG is going block-style

A Minecraft/Skyrim Mash-Up pack is in this works at 4J Studios to arrive on versions of Minecraft for Sony platforms.

The upcoming pack will add changes to the appearance of the Minecraft world with a themed texture set, 40 new character skins, Skyrim-inspired menus, craftable items and user interface.

Also upcoming will be a pre-made Minecraft world populated by blocky renditions of famous Skyrim locations such as Whiterun, Bleak Falls Barrow and Riverwood.

4J had hoped to have the Skyrim pack out this month, although it looks like this is likely to be held back until December.


Minecraft is now officially the property of Microsoft following the completion of the $2.5 billion purchase of the game from Mojang. The Xbox creators have assured tans that support for the game is to continue even on rival platforms.

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