Your next smartphone display could have more than 700ppi thanks to Sharp

Sharp have unveiled a display with more pixels than the human eye can discern.

Technology in some smartphone displays is already getting to a stage where it's difficult to see how much more it can actually improve, but this hasn't stopped screen manufacturer Sharp from trying though.

According to MobileMag, the Japanese company have today shown off a 4.1-inch IGZO LCD screen that has huge pixel resolution of 2560 x 1600 and pixel-per-inch total of 736.

Sharp claim that the their new display has the same pixel density and a 6-inch screen with 4k resolution, and that the only way they could achieve such good results in a near 4-inch display was to use 11.5µm pixels.

The current smartphone market leader in terms of display quality is the Samsung Galaxy S5, which sports a 5.1-inch 577ppi. 

Apple's brand new iPhone 6 plus was praised for its stunning 1920 x 1080 resolution screen but that only has 401ppi, which is minute in comparison to Sharp's new development.

The report goes on to add that Sharp is planning on sending samples of its new display out to potential customers throughout next year.

We will more than likely have to wait until 2016 before we see any of the market's leading smartphone incorporate such technology.

Although it's worth pointing out that as good a Sharp's display might be from a specification point of view, very good human eyesight cannot distinguish the improvement in screens with more than 500ppi.