See Dark Souls II completed in under an hour the glitch-free way

Dark Souls 3

Speedrunner beats the game in 59 minutes, 15 seconds but holds out that this time can be bested.

We’ve already seen a 20 minute speed run of Dark Souls II in which glitches were used to jump through the scenery and bypass areas of the game.

Now a new speed run from Corey “Allakazzaror” Coolidge shows From Software’s famously unforgiving action RPG can be beaten in under an hour without exploiting any bugs in the game. Coolidge’s run falls within the Glitchless Any%” category, which tasks players with playing through Dark Souls II on a speedrun by any means possible, apart of course from relying on glitches.

Coolidge also maintains that a sub 58 minute run is possible due to the fact he made some mistakes, including dying once, adding around 40 seconds.

You can check out a summary of the speed run hit this link. The video of this new oustanding Darks Souls Ii achievement can be seen below.

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