WWE Live UK Tour - Brighton review and results


We went to the Brighton leg of the WWE Live UK Tour. Here's a round up of what happened on the night.

Brighton became the home of WWE for the night as a star studded line-up of wrestling legends took the stage. Along with the amazing atmosphere there were some great matches. Here's what happened on the night:

After entering the arena and settling ourselves down we were welcomed by Liliana Garcia who opened the sold out show. She had a stab at singing out the national anthem with typical American flare followed by a short video message on the big screen from Triple H and then we were treated to our first match.

The Miz with Damian Sandow VS Sheamus (Win)

This wasn't a bad opener with some genuinely funny moments provided by Miz’s own stunt double. There's something funny, almost slapstick about seeing a massive guy sail through the air after taking non-existent chops to the chest!

Once the match started, The Miz, who came out full of energy, made connections on many attempts and even looked at one point to have beaten Sheamus down enough to be able to do his skull crushing finale.

However it wasn't The Miz's night as Sheamus being the crowd favourite managed to counter and work in his Beats of the Bodhran signature move which left The Miz with a red raw chest, staggering and clambering for breath. This left Sheamus with a perfect set up for his finisher, The Brogue Kick.

Sheamus WWE Brighton

Sheamus takes a fall


Curtis Axl VS Jack Swagger with Zeb Colter (Win)

The match was decent enough although I'm personally not a massive fan of either of these two. I was more impressed by the fact that I was standing just a feet away from Zeb ’Dutch Mantel’ Colter!

The match opened on a slow note with both guys locking up and providing plenty of counters to each others moves and even if I do say so, they both had some nice technical holds.

Axel got to turn it around and catch Swagger with a borrowed classic from his father, The Perfect-Plex and with a little interfering from Zeb it proved to be the chance Swagger needed as he quickly turned it around into his Patriot Lock. This made Axel tap out soon after.

To finish it off at the end of the match, Jack and Zeb, in a rather patriotic style made all the British men rise in the arena, place hand on heart and chant that famous line, 'We the people!'

Los Matadores with El Torito (Win) VS Titas O’Neil & Heath Slater with Hornswoggle

You already know what to expect with a match like this, full of high flying moves, the classic ‘little guy’ vs ‘big guy’ moves we've all seen a hundred times.

Diego was first to step into the ring with Slater, they grappled and had a bit of back and forth and then the first tag was made from Slater to Titas.

Things soon after took a cute little turn as El Torito was given the hot tag and threw Slater across the canvas with his tilt-a-whirl headscissors takedown. What followed was some pure lucha libre style action with springboard, sentons and moonsaults.

Then Hornswoggle entered for a little fight that was purely for the kids. The fight finished with a double Samoan drop for the win. This might have been a match on TV you'd probably avoid but seeing this live made it a bit special. The guys had so much energy and it shone through in this match.

Big Show (W) VS Rusev (Draw)

You have to love Rusevs opening visuals, not to mention his leggy loudmouth manager, Lana. We got it drummed into us that the ‘Motherland’ was a far superior country to the UK…and midsentence we get the theme song that has hit our lugholes for all those years, 'Weeeeeeeellllll…..'

His opponent was the Big Show, and in real life this guy really is a massive as he looks! Once the match begun they started with the usual big man stare out contest and powerhouse big bumps but that soon changed.

Rusev managed to bust out his Accolade move, leaving the Big Show torn to pieces. Big Show got to his feet and managed to lay down some seriously hard chops to the massive steel like chest of Rusev, the crowds in the arena quickly went silent before we heard the the rib cracking thud.

After this, Rusev got his own back and was disqualified after resulting to a cheap chair shot which left the Big show with his face on the floor. The world’s strongest man, Mark Henry comes out of the back looking to get a quick dig in. Safe to say Big Show wasn’t going to take it anymore. He really let him have all that rage that built up during his match with Rusev, resulting in the world’s strongest man becoming the world biggest dead weight as he had to be carried out of the arena.


Rusev waves the flag for Russia


Nikki Bella & Paige VS AJ Lee (Win) & Brie Bella

An interesting Divas match I hear you say? Well…not quite, just slightly better than normal. We thought we might be getting a classic girl-on-girl doubles match only to have Nikki Bella demand that her sister, Brie Bella, be in her corner to cheer her on – keeping the slave work running and AJ a solo target. We got to see the UKs newest recruit, Paige.

She showed that she has learnt a plethora of new wrestling skills. The chemistry between Nikki and Paige was non-existent and it showed with them constantly being greedy in the ring and not sharing the battle. While Nikki and Paige were arguing, a plucky fox like AJ Lee siezed the moment and came out of nowhere and applied her beautiful Black Widow octopus hold. AJ got the pin with a dirty schoolboy roll up and skipped away clutching her belt.

Brie Bella

Brie Bella


Kofi Kingston (Win) & Xavier Woods with Big E VS Luke Harper & Eric Rowan

Don’t get me wrong, I really like Luke and Erick but as a solo team something seemed to be lacking. These two are good wrestlers and entertainers but without the head honcho it seemed a little flat. We got stiff moves and no real bonding in the ring, a few nice chokeslams from Rowan along with a well-placed big boot from Harper. Kofi was on top form the whole match and was a real delight to see showing the crowd high octane moves and a genuine good spirit while he landed a Boom Drop on Rowan. Big E Langston hugged to the apron slamming his huge hands down making the crowd go wild, Happy to say we all got to chant along with the Boom Booms while Kofi won with Trouble in Paradise for the pin.

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins 


John Cena (Win) VS Seth Rollins

This match was a real treat to watch and was billed as a street match with plenty of props available for both wrestlers to use in the match. Once the crowd got over the brilliant entrances we were immediately hit by the sheer presence of the two massive stars which showed you why they are the best in the business.

Seth Rollins attacked first and showed no signs of fear. He threw in a few hair shots to Cena’s back and suddenly the crowd were going wild with an equal split of both adoration and loathing.

Fighting back Cena power bombed Rollins into a table that had been propped up in the corner and while Rollins limp body was laying on the canvas, Cena bought in the steel steps from the outside ready to give him more of a pasting!

Rollins hit back dirty style by smacking Cena around the head with the briefcase he bought to the ring, Rollins then snatched the microphone from Ms Garcia and began to talk and jeer to the crowd, this just fired everyone up more. Cena took advantage of the situation with a cheap chair shot to the back, Rollins once gain laying limp, got flipped over and then came the moment every man, woman and child in that arena have been waiting for, his Five Knuckle Shuffle Time.

If that wasn’t enough Cena then decided that maybe one more table needed to be broken. Cena won by putting Rollins through a second table.

All in all WWE provide a fantastic night for everyone who went (you could hear it from the crowd!) and it was great to see globally known Sports entertainers on your own doorstep. Plain and simple it was just a fantastic treat. All we now need is the UK network up and running and I for one will be a happy little wrestling nerd! Roll on Survivor Series November 23rd.


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