Unfinished iPhone 6 concept model fetches $11,000 on eBay!

iPhone 6

An eBay seller has pulled in $11,000 after Apple sent him the wrong iPhone.

An American man got a little more than he bargained for when he upgraded to the new iPhone 6 through US network operator Verizon. Instead of receiving the silver 64GB iPhone 6 that he ordered, he opened the box to see an extremely rare unfinished concept model.

According to the seller, the device runs an internal confidential software completely different to Apple's latest mobile operating system iOS 8. We've heard rumours about such development software before, but it's rare that one makes an appearance online. Other noticeable differences include a red charging port and a rear shell with none of the FCC etchings that are present on regular iPhone models.

The eBay seller, who goes by the name Alex, initially thought that the device was a prototype iPhone 6 and listed it on the auction website looking to make a staggering $100,000. He had to take the listing down when Apple contacted him and told him the device he received wasn't actually a prototype, but rather a concept model that only went partway through the manufacturing process.

It's unclear how such a device ended up boxed and on someone's doorstep, but clearly an individual somewhere in an Apple manufacturing plant has screwed up here. Apple surprisingly didn't insist the guy return the phone, instead offering to exchange the device for any iPhone mode of his choice. Knowing the value the device could fetch online more unsurprisingly the seller declined.

After receiving 12 bids the listing ended last Friday earning the seller a cool $11,100 (£7,000). He can now afford to buy 11 64GB iPhone 6s, or alternatively buy a whole line-up of Apple products.

To see some images of the device check out the finished eBay listing here.