Saints Row IV is just $12 in the new Humble Bundle

Saints Row 4

Humble Bundle are offering up Saints Row IV for just $12, along with GRID 2, Euro Truck Simulator 2, and more.

Let's take a look at some more cheap game deals, shall we. The new 'Humble Jumbo Bundle 3' over on Humble Bundle has Saints Row IV tied to it for a minimum of $12, so that should be enough to coax you in.

But, this being Humble Bundle, you don't just get Saints Row IV, there's also Euro Truck Simulator 2, Blackguards, GRID 2, Always Sometimes Monsters, and more.

As ever the bundle comes in tiers, so you pay a minimum of £1 for the first set of games, pay more than the average for the next set, and so on. This time there is a little twist though, as the first tier offers up Insurgency, plus 3 other copies to share with your friends. If you share all 3 copies you bag yourself an extra game - Full Mojo Rampage.

Here's the bundle trailer.

Right, so here's the list of games on offer, and what you need to donate to get them:

Pay a minimum of $1 to receive:

Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure

Always Sometimes Monsters

Insurgency (share 3 the extra 3 copies to receive Full Mojo Rampage)

Pay more than the average (currently $6) to receive the above and:



Euro Truck Simulator 2

More games to be added soon

Pay $12 or more to receive the above and:

Saints Row IV

Some of the games' soundtracks are also included.

There's still just over a day left on the Racing bundle that's on offer too, so check that out if full-on racing is more your style.

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