inCharge could be the phone charging cable you've been waiting for

inCharge USB cable 1

A super-slim and short charging cable for multiple devices is asking for crowdfunding.

You're out and about, or even travelling, and you've taken your phone charging cable with you, just in case your device decides it needs topping up with battery life. You go to pull your charge cable out of your bag or pocket, and find that it's miraculously tangled itself in what resembles the most complicated double fisherman's knot you've ever seen. That's where the 'inCharge' cable comes in.

The inCharge cable claims to be 'the samllest keyring cable', and it will solve your knot problems instantly. It's simple design is basically made up of a slim USB connector with a microUSB or Lightning connector on the other end, both joined together by a super-slim cable.

inCharge USB Indiegogo 2

The magnets on the connectors mean you can stick them together to wrap around your keyring, for easier transportation of your devices' little lifeline.

There are currently 8 different colours to choose from for the cable in the middle of the device including Orange, Pink, Purple, and Black.

The inCharge is currently over on the Indiegogo crowdfunding site where it was initially looking for $20,000 to make it a reality. It's currently raised a total of $154,689, so it's way, way past its goal, but you can still contribute and pre-order yourself one of the devices for a minimum of $9. Orders are currently estimated to be delivered in December 2014.

Take a look at inCharge's Indiegogo page for more info, or to order yourself one of the cables. Thanks, Gizmodo.

Here's the Indiegogo pitch video.

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