Here's what's inside The Order: 1886's Collector's Edition box

The Order 1886 Collector's Edition statue

Ready at Dawn and Sony's PS4 exclusive title details its Collector's Edition contents.

The Order: 1886 is a PS4 exclusive due out on 20th February 2015, and today the devs have revealed the new Collector's Edition of the game, along with a video showing owners what they'll receive.

What would any Collector's Editon be without the presence of some kind of statue? Well, The Order: 1886's Collector's Edition has just that, in the form of a “Galahad Under Fire” statue. There's also a steelbook, stickers, obligatory DLC, game soundtrack, and behind-the-scenes footage. Oh yeah, and the game, of course!

Here's a list of what you'll actually get inside:

• The 7-inch “Galahad Under Fire” Statue

• Collectable Steelbook

• “Coat of Arms” Stickers

• Knight’s Arsenal DLC

• Official Game Soundtrack with Bonus Tracks

• Unreleased Behind-The-Scenes Footage

Check out the Collector's Edition video below, showing you what everything's going to look like.

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