WWE - Monday Night Raw Results 10th Nov 2014


Rating and reviewing the matches and segments from this weeks Raw. CONTAINS SPOILERS.

This weeks Raw was filmed in Liverpool, giving it an intriguing edge if you consider last weeks WWE Network UK debacle. 

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The event started with John Cena taliing about Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler joining Team Cena for the elimination tage team match at Survivior Series. He Invites Ryback out to ask him to join Team Cena. Ryback comes out but is closely followed by The Authority who come out with Mark Henry in tow. They announce Mark Henry as the newest member of Team Authority before making their way to the ring to convince Ryback to join them. Ryback refuses but then attacks Cena before leaving, where will his loyalties lie by Survivor Series?

Segment Rating 7/10


Seth Rollins Vs Jack Swagger

The first match up of the night to involve Team Authority against Team Cena and it was pretty average affair. Swagger was laregely dominant throughout the match and his power and technical ability are always impressive. He managed to get Rollins into the Patriot Lock but Rollins escapesd to the outiside. Swagger followed him and knocks him to the floor beofre getting another Patriot Lock. The match ended shortly after however with Mercury & Styles distracting Swagger, allowing Rollins to get a Curb Stomp.  After the bell had rung Swagger made it to his feet before Rollins hit another Curb Stomp.

Match Rating 6/10


Next JBL, Cole and Lawler answered a question that many in the UK had wondered about, will they mention the Network? The Answer rather shockingly was Yes. Not a great move by the WWE as the fans booed, following what many feel was a blatant disregard or it's UK fan base.

Segmant Rating 1/10


Alicia Fox Vs Paige

This was a big night for Paige, returning to her home country for a match with current enemy Alicia Fox. WWE really missed a trick here, Paige is a fantastic wrestler capable of much more than the cameo she was given. The match wasn't poor it was just very short. Fox was dominant throughout but Paige eventually won with Rampaige. 

Match Rating 6/10


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Next we saw Stephanie McMahon talking to Rusev and Lana backstage and asking them to join Team Authority. She also comically claimed that their were no politics in WWE. Lana said that they woul "Consider it".

We then saw Stephanie speaking to HHH about her father vince and the match at Survivor Series, she asks HHH "What if" Team Cena wins? HHH says that they "Can't think about that".

Segment Rating 6/10


Rusev Vs Sheamus (United States Championship Match)

The match started with yet another ceremony, celebrating Rusev as the new United States Champion, which was shortly interrupted by Sheamus. This decended into a brilliant brawl between the two powerhouses. Sheamus set Rusev up against the ropes for 10 beats to the Bowery but Rusev powered out after just three hits. Rusev then slammed Sheamus onto the Announce table before getting him back in the ring and applying a gameplan to choke the energy out of Sheamus with various grapple holds. Sheamus started to gain momentum, throwing Rusev around outside the ring but eventually Styles and Mercury showed up to distract Sheamus, Rusev rolled into the ring and Sheamus was counted out. After the match Rusev agreed to join Team Authority. Rusev retains US Championship Title.

Match Rating 8/10


Los Matadores w/ El Torito Vs The Miz & Damien Mizdow w/ Mini Miz (Hornswoggle)

Damien Sandow continues to overshadow The Miz and WWE really need to act soon if they are going to capitalize on his popularity. Bringing in the all new Mini Miz is exactly what they don't need to be doing, let's hope it was a one off, for Sandow's sake at least. This was a fairly short and standard match. The only real standout moment being Miz tagging in Sandow to a rapturous applause onky to tag himself back in quickly, annoyed by the crowd reaction. The match ended with Miz pinning after Sandow held one of Los Matadores feet.

Match Rating 6/10


Dolph Ziggler Vs Mark Henry

Before the match started we were yet again treated with a vignette of Luke Harper, talking about watching Ziggler. It was suitibly weird and seemed to trouble Ziggler.

This was a decent match with Ziggler using his impressive speed and technicality to take down Mark Henry. Ziggler was largely in control of the match throughout, eventually forcing Henry to pick up a steel chair and hit Ziggler with it and being disqualified. Afterward Henry attacked Ziggler and attempted to slam him onto the steel steps which had been brought into the ring. Before this happened however Big Show came out and chased Henry off before we then saw him backstage telling Cena he was now on his team. They were shortly joined by Sheamus who also agreed to join Team Cena.

Match Rating 7/10


AJ Lee Vs Brie Bella w/Nikki Bella

Another pointless match in the Brie vs Nikki saga, Nikke was supposed to wrestle but got Brie to fight instead. Brie was largely on top in this very short match but AJ hit her one and only move in the match, the predictable Black Widow, and Brie tapped out. Nikki lost her cool and attacked AJ, pickeing her up for the Rack Attack and then shoving Brie back up the ramp.

Match Rating 4/10


Adam Rose Vs Tyson Kidd

Tyson Kidd gets yet another match on Raw which is frankly disappointing. It's not that he's a bad wrestler, in fact he's very good but surely his NXT stablemates Adrian Neville, Sami Zayne and Tyler Breeze deserve it more. The match started with Tyson attacking Rose aggressively as Eric Rowan appeared, searching the outside of the ring before leaning over the announce table, lifting his mask and saying "She's not here". Shortly after this Adam Rose's Bunny tried to get involved in the match, climbing the turnbuckle. Rose stopped him, not wanting to be disqualified, but the distraction allowed Kidd to get Rose into the Sharpshooter, winning by submission. After the match the Bunny tried to apologise but Rose Superkicked him, leaving him "crying" in the ring.


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Bray Wyatt was next in a recoreded Vignette talking about Dean Ambrose and how he can fix him. Apart from being a great wrestler, Wyatt is a true leader on the Microphone and really is the best in the business at present. This was another successfull section, setting up a great feud.

Segmant Rating 8/10


John Cena Vs Ryback w/ Team Authority

Ryback came to the ring accompanied by The Authority, including Mark Henry, Kane & Rollins. The match started slowly but Ryback was showing his power early on and was dominant. There was some great back and forth sections, with Cena countering Shellshock and Ryback countering the AA. At one point Cena threw Ryback out of the ring and into Kane. Ryback and Kane then argued but Rollins calmed it down. Ryback eventually managed to get Cena on the ropes and was about to finish him off after some Feed Me More chants but Kane interrupted causing Ryback to be disqualified. Kane and Ryback yet again squared off while Rollins tried to calm the situation down. Ryback snapped and attacked Rollins before Kane gave him a big boot to the face. The Authority then attacked Cena on the floor beofre Sheamus and Big Show came down the ramp to help. They fought off the Authority for a while but were eventually overpowered by sheer numbers. Just as it seemed to be over Ryback came back into the ring and demolished The Authority, sending them running away.

Match Rating 9/10


Raw finished with a short backstage feature. An unconcious Dolph Ziggler was thrown into Stephanie Mcmahon and HHH's locker room by a disturbed looking Luke Harper, he then turned to The Authority and said "I'm a team player". Could The Authority have found their final member? Only time will tell.

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