The new iPhones are three years too late, says Wozniak

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak believes larger iPhones should have been released years ago.

Steve Wozniak has never been shied away from criticising the company he founded with Steve Jobs in 1976. During his post-Apple years he has frequently publicised his views on what the company is doing and creating, and many of his views on the company are actually positive, but its arguable that an equal amount are also negative.

His thoughts on the latest iPhones certainly won't bring smiles to the faces of Tim Cook and Apple's PR machine that's for sure. In an interview with CNNMoney, Wozniak claims that Apple should have brought out larger iPhones years ago.

He said: "Apple could have had a much bigger share of the smartphone market if it had a larger-screen iPhone for the past three years. It could have competed better with Samsung.”

While Wozniak may have a point, it's not as though sales of the iPhone have ever suffered, in fact every version of the iPhone has had staggeringly high sales figures. 

What Samsung did do was push the market away from smaller screens and led the charge towards integrating 5-inch plus high resolution displays into smartphones.

Every major smartphone manufacturer has since followed in the South Korean company's footsteps, and it took Apple up until September of this year to really jump on the bigger smartphone bandwagon. 

According to tech consultancy company IDC, Samsung's market share in the third quarter of 2014 was at 24%, which is double Apple's at 12%. This is not really a surprise given the fact that Samsung's line-up of smartphone's is more varied and significantly more fragmented compared to Apple's.