Apple in for legal battle over iMessage switching issue

Iphone 6

Apple is facing legal action over the recently reported iMessage problem.

The problem has now fixed, but unfortunately for Apple they still might have to pay a price as the tech giant is being taken to court for failing to deregister iMessage phone numbers when users switch to a different smartphone brand.

Just two days ago Apple released the fix whereby users can go to a website and remove their mobile phone number from the company's iMessage database.

Before this though, users who swapped their iPhone for a non-Apple smartphone would no longer be able to receive text messages from other iPhones. iMessages should have switched to regular texts, but this wasn't happening and instead iMessage was still trying to relay the texts to the deactivated iPhone.

According to Reuters, this is why Adrianne Moore's lawsuit against the company has been allowed to continue. The woman claims that the problem interfered with her contract plan with US network provider Verizon and breached California's unfair competition law.

Moore is seeking the lawsuit get class-action status and is demanding an unspecified amount of damages from Apple. She shouldn't have too much trouble proving the problem existed as it has been widespread and widely reported in recent months, but she might struggle to prove she's had any real monetary loss as a result.

According to Reuters, Apple court papers state that they 'never claimed that its iMessage service and Messages application, which ran with iOS 5, would recognize when iPhone users switched to rival devices.'

This is quite an embarrassing statement from a company that prides itself on customer satisfaction; despite Apple never directly stating that it would be straightforward to swap from an iPhone to another brand, us consumers would expect it to be much more straight forward than it was before the recent fix.