X Factor review and results from the Queen V's Michael Jackson week


We look back at both Saturday's and Sunday's X Factor show and results from the Queen V’s Michael Jackson week.

Last weekend saw the fourth week of the X Factor finals. The theme on the show was Queen V’s Michael Jackson and along with the pressure of having to pull off some of the most popular songs ever made, the contestants were also told by Simon Cowell that if they made it through this week they would be guaranteed a place on the X Factor Tour.  

If you missed the show here's what the contestants sang and how they did.

Paul Akister 

Paul Akister opened the show with the classic Queen song ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’. Paul put his own spin on the Queen song, although not a fan of Paul myself, he really can sing and it was a great opening performance with Paul receiving some fabulous comments from all of the judges.

Jay James

Jay James was up next also singing a Queen song ‘The Show Must Go On’ which seemed the perfect song for him as Jay has been unwell this week with damaged vocal chords. Jay has been consistent each week but his performance was a bit boring and dull and for me easily forgotten.

Lauren Platt

The youngest contestant and also Cheryl’s Fernandez-Versini last remaining singer is Lauren Platt who sang her version of the Jackson’s Five ‘I’ll Be There’. Lauren is only seventeen and had been suffering from tonsillitis this week. She received fantastic comments from all of the judges but I think the song was too big for her as she struggled with it in places however this could be because she was recovering from her bout of tonsillitis.

Only The Young

Only The Young who have come across as being a fun and vibrant group in the competition so far carried on their tradition by singing Jackson Five's ‘Blame It On The Boogie’ and they received great feedback from all the judges, having been in the bottom two only a fortnight ago they seem to have redeemed themselves of late.

Ben Haenow

Ben Haenow received mixed reviews on his performance of the Michael Jackson’s ‘Man In The Mirror’. Ben began the song acapella; this is something viewers have not seen him do before. However,he has a rather distinctive rock voice and Mel B was quite vocal in her views on not being keen on his cover of the song, Cheryl seemed unsure whether she like it or not but said, ‘I have to applaud you for giving it a try’. 

Stevie Ritchie

Still in the competition and a probably the most entertaining act of this series Stevie Ritchie took on Queen with ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. Stevie defiantly brings the fun factor to the show. Viewers will either love him or hate him. The question is, is he getting better as the weeks go on or are our ears just getting used to him now? People seem to like Stevie because he is just a ‘nice guy’ and he is having fun doing what he loves, but is his time up now? It seems that fans of the show are not happy that ‘real singers’ are getting voted out. How long will Stevie last?

Stereo Kicks

Stereo Kicks were in the bottom two last week for the second time so really had something to prove to the judges and their fans. Last night they showed that they should still be in the competition. Not only did they take on ‘You Are Not Alone’ (Michael Jackson) but they also had to keep their composure when a member of the audience ran onto to the stage (prankster Lee Nelson). The group did not let this distract them and the judges gave them a standing ovation.

Fleur East

Fleur East wanted to show viewers that she could belt out a tune this week so it was time for a ballard with another Michael Jackson song ‘Will You Be There’. There is no denying that this girl really may have the full package. Not only can she sing but she has also shown us that she is a great dancer too.

Andrea Faustini

The final act and the guy that I personally am always excited to see is the huggable Italian bear Andrea Faustini. This guy has the most amazing voice he is fast becoming a real male diva (not in the demanding sense). Andrea shows us every week that no matter what song he is given he just smashes it. Saturday night he performed Queens ‘Somebody To Love’. The judges loved it and Andrea got a standing ovation from all four of them and rightly so.

Sunday evening's results show

If all this wasn't exciting enough for you we still had Sunday nights results show to get through. With a performance from the stunningly fabulous Sam Smith singing his track ‘Like I Can’.

This was followed by the moment we had all been waiting for...

The Results

After the results were announced, Only The Young, Paul Akister and Jay James were in the bottom three but we'd have to wait to find out as we were treated to the latest One Direction song 'Steal My Girl'.

The sing off

Only The Young made it through which meant that it all came down to a sing off between Paul Akister and Jay James. Both Paul and Jay gave the best sing off of the show so far. With Paul singing Emile Sande’s Clown and Jay singing Eric Claptons ‘Tears In Heaven'. You can check them out for yourself below.

Paul Akister's sing off

Jay James' doing his sing off

After they both gave impressive performances it was down to the judges to seal their fate!

Naturally, Simon Cowell and Mel B picked their own acts to save, Cheryl picked Paul so the final choice was to be made by Louis, who took it to deadlock. It was then revealed that Paul Akister received the lowest number of votes from the public and was eliminated from the the show.

Fans of the show were not happy and quickly expressed their views on Twitter with some demanding that Stevie Richie should leave the show and Paul be allowed back.

Overall it was a great show and now that those who have got through this far are guaranteed a place on the tour perhaps the pressure will relent a bit. However I doubt it as next weekend see’s the return of the Big Band Week, the contestants will have to dazzle us and the judges with their renditions of some of the greatest songs from the worlds greatest crooners.