The free World of Warcraft documentary looks back at the last 10 years

World of Warcraft: Looking for Group title image

World of Warcraft: Looking for Group is an hour long free documentary that takes a look at the game's 10 year history.

Are you a fan of World of Warcraft? Ok, well you're going to want to watch this free new documentary celebrating 10 years of the behemoth MMO. And even if you're not a fan, it may just give you an insight into why so many people have played, or still play it.

Called 'World of Warcraft: Looking For Group', the documentary goes from the game's beginnings all the way up to present day. It includes interviews with the developers, behind-the-scenes info, and also hears from the fans.

The new expansion pack for World of Warcraft, 'Warlords of Draenor', is set to be released on Friday 13th November. It brings with it seven new zones, with battlegrounds, dungeons, raids, and bosses. The level cap is also being increased to 100.

The documentary is an hour long, and it's completely free, so give it a watch below.

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