Sainsburys app aims to revolutionise the supermarket experience

A new application by Sainsburys could completely change the way we shop.

Supermarket giant Sainsburys is developing an application that could eliminate the time you spending waiting in a queue.

With the new app customers will be able to navigate through the store, fill up their shopping baskets or trolleys and pay without ever having to go anywhere near the checkout counters.

Sainsburys' application includes a built-in scanner that will use your smartphones camera to process the barcode of the produce you want the purchase. Once all your shopping has been scanned then all you will need to do is pay using the app's built-in payment system. Sounds like it couldn't get much easier.

The usual shopping experience requires you to line-up at a checkout waiting to be served by a member of supermarket staff, or using self-service systems that are now present in many of the largest supermarket stores. This app will negate the need to queue up anywhere, and reduces bagging and payments times to literally seconds.

Sainsbury also claim that their app will help customers navigate around the store, and should they struggle to find a certain product the app will show them whereabouts it is.

Sainsbury's digital and technology director, Jon Rudoe said: "We know that customers' weekly shop doesn't start at our front door – they know what they like and they also like that search for a bargain.

"They still want to come into store - but with limited time, they want to be able to get their shop done quickly. That's why we're putting digital firmly at the forefront of our agenda, and putting technology in the hands of our customers."

The app is to be internally tested in the coming weeks, and should everything go smoothly then customers could see it hit the iOS and Android app stores sometime in 2015.