New GTA: San Andreas update waves goodbye to save game files on Steam

Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas

A new patch for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on Steam has been causing some issues.

An update to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on Steam a couple of days ago has caused save files to be completely wiped for some users, as reported by Rockstar Nexus.

When attempting to load a previous save game file it will load up a new game instead, according to Rockstar Nexus.

The new update adds in some changes, such as support for the Xbox 360 controller. But it also removes support for the 1920x1080 resolution that was fixed in a previous patch.

A number of songs have been removed from the game's radios stations too, apparently due to licensing issues. Here are some tracks that are reported to have disappeared:


"Critical Beatdown"


"Running Down A Dream"

"Woman To Woman"

Bounce FM

"You Dropped A Bomb On Me"

"Yum Yum"

"Running Away"

Radio Los Santos

"I Don't Give A f*ck"

"Express Yourself"

Radio X

"Killing in the Name of"


K-Jah West

"Ring My Bell"

"Don't Let It Go To Your Head"

Master Sounds 98.3

"Express Yourself"

"Rock Creek Park"


"Soul Power '74"

"The Payback"

A community-made patch has been highlighted by Rockstar Nexus, which could help with some of the issues the new update appears to have created.

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