Apple helps users rid themselves of iMessage forever

iPhone 6

iMessage issues can be fixed by deregistation of your phone number from the service with this new tool.

A new tool has appeared on Apple's website which allows users to turn off iMessage and deregister from the service.

If you've recently bought a new phone, that isn't from Apple, you may find that if you were previously using iMessage on an iPhone, you aren't receiving text messages on your new device. This is due to a bug that stops former iPhone users receiving texts from Apple devices to their new phone.

In order to deregister your phone number from iMessage all you have to do is go to this webpage, enter the phone number you want to remove from the service, and finally enter the confirmation code Apple sends you.

The Verge reported on the new tool when a Reddit user spotted it. Previously users had to actually call up AppleCare and have them deregister iMessage from there.

Earlier this year Apple were sued over the iMessage bug when one user's switch to a Samsung device meant she wasn't receiving texts.

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