HITC's Sunday Screenshots: Banished

Banished HITC Screenshot 1

A slower pace for this week's set of screenshots as we take to the wilderness to survive.

It's the second week of our new Sunday Screenshots series, and this time we're looking at a game I've been tinkering about with for the last few days - Banished. It's a strategy game created by Shining Rock Software which tasks you with looking after a group of exiled citizens, and developing their town whilst keeping them alive through harsh conditions. You need to make sure they've got everything they need. It's a much more tranquil setting compared to last week's The Last of Us shots. Or so I thought.

There's something about this game which keeps me playing, I think it's partly due to its challenge, and also due to it being quite relaxing. There are no enemies to face, no rival factions or monsters to thwart. Your biggest enemy is the environment, the winter, diseases etc. You basically need to make sure your little citizens have enough food, are warm, have homes, and are happy.

I'm definitely not great at playing this game, the screenshots below will tell you that with all the warning icons dotted about them. I've made about four different settlements now, although my last one almost reached about 70 citizens, so I did much better compared to my other attempts.

The screenshots below are a mixture of all my towns. You'll see some in the humble beginnings, all the way through to the start of them becoming larger settlements.  I did my best with the in-game screenshot function, so whilst they're not the best-looking of shots, you'll at least get a sense of what the game's about. And it's a pretty game too.

This first screenshot is actually of my initial attempt at playing the game, without looking at the tutorials. The yellow icons indicate various things, mainly that I'm doing something wrong and need to go through the tutorials! Silly me.

The next set below are of my second attempt, after checking out the tutorials. Feeling more adventurous, I expanded a little further and tried to create a riverside fishing sector. Needless to say, everyone ended up dying later on because there wasn't enough firewood to keep warm. Morbid, yes. But that's how it goes in Banished.

Finally we have what I attempted to create today. I set everything to super easy, which gave me milder weather conditions, and an increase in starting supplies and buildings.

The final image shows a tornado sweeping through my already dilapidated town. I forgot to turn disasters off. After starvation and harsh weather took many of the citizens, the game thought it only just that this natural disaster should finish everyone else off. And that's following half the town dying from an outbreak of dysentery too. C'est la vie.

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