Your new iPhone 6 or 6+ may have faulty memory

A new report suggests some iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+s might have bad memory controllers.

It was only a few days ago that reports emerged claiming Apple may have to recall a large number of new iPhones due to under-performing NAND flash and IC controllers.

The idea of a recall was quickly rubbished by reliable Apple news website 9to5Mac, but now Korean media outlet, Business Korea is claiming that the memory problem is very real indeed.

Users of the new iPhone 6 64GB and 6+ in 128GB have reported their device spontaneously crashing and rebooting, and Business Korea say this is down to the TLC NAND memory units that Apple used in the new devices.

As a result of the reported issues Apple has apparently acknowledged the problem by swapping the bad memory chips with more expensive MLC NAND units.

The Business Korea report goes onto add that Apple is trying to solve the crash and reboot problem in their next iOS update 8.1.1, which has already gone out to developers for testing.

So what are you to do if the next software update doesn't resolve the issue?

That is not totally clear at the moment, but considering all new iPhones come with one-year free AppleCare you shouldn't have too much of a problem swapping out your faulty device with an Apple certified refurbished unit.

Despite Apple hitting record sales numbers with their new devices, the initial launch has been anything but smooth as Bendgate was the first problem reportedly plaguing Apple's new must-have.