South Park takes a shot at freemium games

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An episode of South Park highlights a certain type of free game.

You know those 'free' games, right? The ones that say they're free, but in reality they allow you to play the game in quite a restricted fashion, asking you to pour hours into them to unlock content at a rather slow pace. Well, South Park has something to say about them, and it's all in the latest episode.

There are so many games now which you can download for free, which then hit you with offerings of extra coins/diamonds/candy, or whatever the in-game currency they're trying to peddle to you is. So, South Park have addressed these types of game, and it goes without saying that they hit the nail on the head.

I won't spoil the episode for you, but if you dislike these types of game you're sure to enjoy it. And even if you play these types of game regularly, it may just give you a new perspective on them.

You can watch the entire episode over here, if your region supports it. It surrounds a new free Terrance and Philip mobile game, which doesn't really make the Canadian fart masters happy. It covers the topic in a clever way, and it's also hilarious. Enjoy!

Thanks, Kotaku.

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