Microsoft Word shoots to top of Apple App Store chart

A day after it went free Microsoft Word tops the App Store chart for iPad.

Microsoft's quest to get mobile Office applications onto as many devices as possible might just be about the pay off.

Half a day after the tech giant announced that their suite of Office applications would be free to use without an Office 365 subscription, Microsoft Word has dramatically stormed to the top of the iPad App Store.

Word overtakes the likes of YouTube, Facebook and Facebook Messenger as the most popular free application over the past day. 

The company's two other productivity apps Excel and Powerpoint sit 10th and 13th respectively.

Microsoft Office launched on the iOS App Store last year, but was initially only available for the iPhone. It came to the iPad earlier this year, but in order to unlock its full-functionality users had to be a subscriber to Office 365, which costs £8 a month.

Now that Microsoft has had a change of tact they are likely to see significant benefits. iOS and Android operating systems dominate the market, making up approximately 93 percent of devices and that is 46-times more than Windows Phone which has 2.5%.

Putting Office in the hands of people with these device and making it free of charge will potentially entice more users into paying for the services on their desktops. Microsoft still feels desktop creating and editing are what users would prefer to use given the choice between a desktop and a mobile device.

Word, Excel and Powerpoint aren't yet available on Android devices, but Microsoft insists that they are in the testing phase and should be available to the consumers sometime in 2015.