Just Cause 3 devs address F2P concerns and more images leak

Just Cause 3 leaked debug image 5

Another microtransaction image has appeared online for Avalance Studios' Just Cause 3.

A couple of days ago some images, reportedly from Just Cause 3, leaked online, and they sparked concerns for fans about whether it would be a free-to-play game as one of them shows what appears to be a microtransaction menu. One of the two new leaked images below shows another microtransaction-style menu.

Both images, via AllGamesBeta's twitter account, are again emblazoned with the Xbox-Undergound watermark like the ones from the other day.

In the first image below we can see some actual monetary amounts and what appears to be a cooldown timer. Click the images for bigger versions.

The next new image is below.

Founder of Avalance Studios, Christofer Sundberg, tweeted today to say that they 'currently have ONE F2P game and it's been out since 2009.' Which is sorted of saying Just Cause 3 isn't free-to-play, I think.

He later tweeted again to say that fans 'have nothing to worry about.'

Just Cause 3 may not be free-to-play, according to Sundberg's tweets, but it definitely appears to have microtransactions. To find out more we'll have to wait and see what happens when the game is officially revealed.

Thanks, Incgamers.

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