Get a free weeks worth of play on Battlefield 4 with Origin Game Time

Battlefield 4 Premium Edition Keyart

Double XP is also available to all in Battlefield 4 from now until 10th November.

EA has given PC players a second chance to get some free play on Battlefield 4 via their Game Time service on Origin.

Those that have never played the game before can add it to their Origin library and play for free for 168 hours. The game will be accessible in full, without any restrictions other than the time limit. The Game Time clock doesn’t start counting down until you first launch the game.

The clock counts in real time however, so will continue to run even when you’re not actually playing. Any progress made during a free Game Time session can be carried over if you decide to go ahead and buy the game.

In addition to this EA will also be offering the chance for Battlefield 4 players to earn double XP from now until 10th November, this also applies to those trying out the game for free.

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