Bungie exec is latest to fall victim to 'swatting' prank

KOMO News Bungie exec swatting screen 1

Police and a helicopter surrounded the Bungie exec's home at 4am.

Swatting, it's an unfortunate trend which sees prank callers alerting police to various made up crimes, usually prompting SWAT teams to be deployed and raid peoples' homes. The latest victim of the prank is an exec at Bungie, creators of Destiny and Halo.

According to a report by KOMO News the prank caller said 'he had an assault rifle and he had placed explosives in the yard and he was holding a family hostage.'

It was 4am on Thursday morning, and the house in question was being circled by a police helicopter, as more police surrounded the exec's home. After finally getting in touch with the exec, he came out of his house in his bathrobe and was 'very confused at what was going on.'

'The victim is okay and didn't want to discuss the incident,' said a Bungie spokesperson.

The police later found out the call didn't come from inside the exec's home, it was generated by a network of computers. A year in jail with a $5,000 fine awaits the prank caller, if caught.

KOMO News also reports local police believe 'the suspect has ties to the video game community.'

Thanks, Kotaku.

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