Analyst predicts Galaxy S6 to feature double-edged display

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Technology analyst Jerry Kang believes Samsung Galaxy S6 will come with an all-new double edged screen.

Samsung's next flagship smartphone the Galaxy S6 is still someway off being announced but that hasn't stopped the rumours and predictions coming thick and fast.

The latest piece of speculation is that the S6 could feature a double-edged display that curves around on both sides.

Jerry Kang made the prediction claiming: "The Galaxy S6 to be released next year will feature a 'dual-edged' screen which is curved on the right and left sides."

If Samsung did implement this into the next Galaxy then it's almost certain they would take some design cues from the current Galaxy Edge phone, which already has such technology integrated into the display. On the Edge only one side of the display is curved backward with the opposite side remaining flat.

According to TechRadar, Kang also added that Samsung had originally planned for both sides to be curved in the Edge, but binned the idea at the last minute.

While the idea sounds and looks quite bizarre on first inspection, the curve in the Edge's display does offer some interesting functionality.

The Edge's curve acts somewhat like a separate display where you can interact with notifications, use the volume controls and look at information. 

Should Samsung investigate further ways in which the curvedness in the display could be useful then there isn't any reason why we shouldn't see this kind of technology in their next Galaxy S6.