Miliband to quit?

In fresh turmoil for the Labour leader, his own MP’s are championing his removal

Only today the BBC has reported Ed Miliband is facing calls to quit- except this time not from the usual sources, but from backbench MP’s. The chairman of the Parliamentary Labour Party, Dave Watts, has reportedly been hearing numerous requests in light of party discontent with their leader. Multiple backbenchers have told the BBC’s correspondent, Ross Hawkins that “we just can’t go on like this.”

It comes at an already difficult time for the party leader, with previous faithfuls continuing to desert him and cast doubt on his leadership skills. The News Statesman, normally a firm supporter of the Left, have abandoned Miliband, with their editor Jason Cowley, offering a damning appraisal. Cowley wrote of Miliband not understanding the electorate, describing the leader as “trapped.” Notably, and something that is sure to fuel the fire is that Cowley’s attack was aimed directly at Miliband, stating his problems were not party policy, but tone.

In other words, Ed Miliband’s personality- the factor that has come under attack time and time again. There comes a point, one must recognise, where jokes of a leader failing to eat a bacon sandwich fall flat.

The rise of the SNP and the Green party in recent weeks are also offering a new challenge to the party; with opposing parties muscling in on Labour territory, the party need to be at it’s strongest. With Miliband consistently polling low public satisfaction rates (a recent YouGov poll for the Sun found only 16% of the public would support him as Prime Minister) it comes sadly as no surprise that his own party have started to turn.

Although Labour sources have obviously disputed the claims, this is doing little to fuel speculation and the question on everyone’s lips now is: when?