Microsoft Office goes free on iOS and Android

Microsoft Office applications are now free to use on both iOS and Android operating systems.

In a change that has shocked many, tech giant Microsoft has allowed its suite of Office applications to be used free of charge on both iOS and Android.

Word, Excel and Powerpoint can all both be downloaded from the App Stores of both operating system and users can access the essential functions of each app completely free.

Before today's change of heart, you could download all three applications to your smart device but to unlock the app's fully functionality you would have had to subscribe to Office 365, which costs £8 per month.

Now all you need to do is to download all the apps and then sign in to each with a valid Microsoft account in order to create and edit documents for free. 

The core experience veteran Office users are used to will be present in each of the three apps, but Microsoft has left out some features to continue trying entice people into signing up to 365. The premium features include track changes in Word, pivot tables in Excel and presenter view in PowerPoint; paying users will also get unlimited OneDrive storage, Dropbox integration and 60 Skype world calling minutes per month.

Microsoft's vice president, John Case, backed the move saying the company wants to get Office into the hands of as many users as possible.

The Telegraph quoted him as saying: “Anytime someone has an idea or an inspiration, we want to empower them to take action.

“With over a billion Office customers worldwide, and over 40 million downloads on the iPad, it’s clear that Office applications are what people want to use to get things done.”