Fallout: Shadow of Boston Confirmed as Hoax

Fallout 3

Bethesda Softworks make official statement regarding Fallout: Shadow of Boston.

It was reported yesterday that Bethesda Softworks had registered a trademark for something called Fallout: Shadow of Boston. The story, which originated from a user on NeoGAF, claimed that the trademark had been registered in Germany and was for “ Computer game discs; Downloadable computer game programs; Computer games program downloaded via the internet [software]” It was also suggested that the trademark covered “Auditioning for tv game shows."

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Bethesda Softworks have responded quickly to the claims however, denying their authenticity whilst dashing the hopes of Fallout fans yet again.

So yet again Fallout fans have had their hopes raised by a hoax but why does this keep happening? The answer is pretty simple, Fallout fans love the franchise and are desperate for a new game to be announced. Bethesda Softworks released Fallout 3 to critial acclaim back in 2008 while their collaboration with Obsidian Entertainment, Fallout: New Vegas, was released in 2010. It seems that almost five years is just too long for fans to bear.

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One of the reasons that this latest hoax was received with such joy is that the setting of Boston has been rumoured for a long time. In fact the Survivor 2299 Hoax from 2013 also pitched a game set in Boston, following on from The Replicated Man side quests from Fallout 3. That particular hoax was so in depth that it would almost seem plausible for Bethesda to pick up that storyline, based at the mysterious Institute, and roll with it.

When will Bethesda make an official announcement with regards to a new Fallout? No-one knows but what we do know is that the fans are waiting.

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