Windows 10 already being tested on smartphones, says leaker

Windows 10 device example 1

Famed leaker Nazwil Najeeb claims Windows 10 is being tested on mobile devices already.

Windows leaker and former Microsoft employee, Nazwil Najeeb, tweeted out the claim on his Twitter account a few days ago.

Windows 10 is not scheduled for release until next year, but Najeeb says that three new versions of the Windows operating system are being tested for smartphones, including one called version 8.15.12434, which he says is Windows 10.


Microsoft kept their cards quite close to their chest when they unveiled their next big operating system update in late September. The first surprise for us consumers was the name 'Windows 10', which represents a unusual jump considering the OS before it was named Windows 8.

We were also privy to the developments with the Start menu that was removed in Windows 8, much to the displeasure of many Windows users.

How different Windows 10 will be on phones compared to the current OS remains to be seen. The only sort of confirmation we have is that phones running Windows 10 will still use the same live tile homepage system. How do we know this? Well during the unveiling Microsoft released the image above, and if you have really good eyes you can just about make out the Windows phones at the end.