The Sims 4 now has pools: let the drowning commence


EA's life simulator adds in the much-requested pools feature.

If you're one of the people who've bought the new Sims 4 game since September, you'll have noticed there was something missing - swimming pools. The whole 'no swimming pools at launch' debate has been quite a hot topic amongst the Sims community, but now you can all relax, they've arrived. 

The latest free update adds in the leisurely pool areas/additional death zones, as well as some new swimwear. The announcement was made over on The Sims 4's news page here.

Apparently building the new pools is 'faster and easier than ever before,' according to the update. Plus there's new diagonal pool options, the ability to add windows to your pools, as well as adjusting their depth.

A list of added features in the latest patch is below:

  • Jump into Create a Sim to customize your Swimwear!
    • Choose from the Styled Looks to quickly swim up your Sim; or choose the perfect one or two-piece bikini, swim trunks or budgie smugglers!
    • Top off your creation with a hat, some sandals, and a dab of sunscreen down the bridge of your nose, and you are ready to go!
  • Build out your pool in Build Mode by clicking on the Build tab, and the Pools image in the home portrait
    • You can place pre-fashioned pool blocks (triangle, square, diagonal, or octagon), or you can use the Pool Tool to draw your own pool.
  • Pools can be built on any floor of your home or venue.
  • Decorate and enhance your pool with pools lights, install a ladder, customize the wall and floor textures to your liking then plop down some decals or add some windows for that aquarium’esque experience!
  • Sims can enjoy the comforts of your newly built pool, whether they are socializing as they dangle their digits in the water, splashing the kids, or putting themselves out after being set on fire by an angry ghost who had died from a tragic poolside grilling accident.
  • Be wary of the hungry and fatigued, a moment too long in the pool has been known to cause a lack of living. The Reaper will gladly accept your pleas, though he may not always oblige them.

You can read the rest of the patch notes on the official update page.

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