Sony reveals the PS4 games coming to PS Plus over the next two months

Infamous First Light screen (use this one)

With some major titles due for PS4 on the free games service In December and January.

Sony, in a rather uncharacteristic move has teased the free games coming to PS4 via PlayStation Plus in December and January.

For those tiring of the stream of smaller titles for PS4 on Plus, December will bring the first major retail release given for free in the shape of Neatherrealm Studio’s DC heros and villains fighter, Injustice: Gods Among Us. Joining Injustice will be the Western-themed top down shooter Secret Ponchos, a title announced to be coming to Plus a while back

In January Infamous: First Light, the standalone side-story to Second Son is due along with Facepalm’s critically acclaimed atmospheric puzzler The Swapper.

So, that’s what we have to look forward to on PS4 in the coming months. With the fierce competition of the holiday season coming up, could it be that Sony wish to tempt in more console purchasers with the dangling carrot of big titles? Or perhaps Sony are responding to the outcry from some PS4 users that a lot of games have come up for free on Plus this year that weren’t everyone’s cup of tea?

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