PS4 Rest Mode issues addressed in today’s update 2.01

PS4 Console

Users who’ve been unable to power the PS4 up again after going into Rest Mode should see the problem fixed

Sony are rolling out PS4 system software update 2.01 today in order to provide a fix for a bug a number of users have reported with the console’s Rest Mode.


Rest Mode, allows you to put the PS4 in a low power state while the console downloads games and updates. Since the recent feature-rich update 2.0 was rolled out for PS4 however, it’s been reported by some that the console wouldn’t power back up again successfully. The only way PS4 owners with the problem have been able to get around the issue is to completely power down the PS4 and then start it back up again.

As is all too often the case, the implementation of new system features can lead to unforeseen bugs elsewhere. With Update 2.0 only just launching for PS4 last week, it appears Sony are getting to the problem quickly however.

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