Leaked Just Cause 3 images show microtransactions

Just Cause 3 leaked debug image 1

The same person who leaked the Star Wars Battlefront 3 pre-alpha footage is now claiming he has Just Cause 3 images.

Some screenshots, reportedly from an Xbox One debug build of Just Cause 3, surfaced on an Xbox Underground thread yesterday. And they appear to have an in-game menu showing microtransactions.

Just Cause 3 leaked debug image 2The above image looks like a regular menu at first glance, however the option to 'buy more' on the menu by pressing 'Y' could signal in-game microtransactions to purchase the diamond-shaped currency.

There's no confirmation these images are legitimate, but their source does have a history of game leaks. The Xbox Underground thread post and image leak was by Chr0m3 x MoDz, who leaked the Battlefront 3 alpha footage last month. Battlefront 3 is a cancelled Star Wars game from Timespliiters creators Free Radical.

A NeoGAF thread about the Just Cause 3 images saw plenty of speculation the microtransaction image could signal a free to play model for the game. However, a statement from shinobi602, another person renowned for game leaks, stated it's 'not F2P. It won't have a...traditional release though.'

There's been no official word of a Just Cause 3 game, so we'll have to see if these leaks prompt any kind of response from the developers.

Take a look at the rest of the leaked images below. They show scenes of a gunfight under a rather realistic looking sky, and a birds eye view of a mountain. Oh, and a large pipe... thing. Yeah, I don't know either. There's also some debug info on there too, showing the framerate etc.

Just click on the images to view larger versions.

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