Forbes reveal the most valuable brands - Tech companies dominate

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Technology companies dominate the top three places in Forbes' most valuable brands list.

Forbes has revealed its of the most valuable brand names in the entire world and the top three places in the list are the three biggest tech companies in the world, Google, Microsoft and Apple, but what order did this finish in?

The American business magazine has put Google in third place with a brand value of $56.6 billion.

The search engine brand has generated an incredible $16 billion before tax this past year, which had led the company brand value growing 19% from last year.

In second place is Microsoft, who have been valued at $63 billion by Forbes.

With the tech giant slowly getting to grips with the mobile world of technology they have seen their value grow for the first time in three years. Forbes estimates their value growth to be in the region of 11%. Microsoft's traction in the smartphone and tablet world is improving, but they still have some way to go to reach the most valuable company in the world.

As expected, in first place as the most valuable company on the planet is Apple, with an estimated brand value of a staggering $124.2 billion, making it twice as valuable as Microsoft in second place.

Apple products such as the iPhone, iPad and Mac continue to be the must have devices in the technology world and their sales continue to outshine any other in their respective product category.

The iconic company's value grew 19% from last year, and looks set to continue in that same upward fashion with Apple's movement into the smartwatch and mobile payments industry. The Apple Watch is set to launch early next year and Apple Pay is already causing a buzz in the US.