Report claims Apple is acknowledging the seriousness of 'Bendgate'

iPhone 6

'Bendgate' is a bigger problem for Apple than they are letting on, according to BGR.

Since Apple famously played down the fact that their new flagship iPhones are susceptible to bending by claiming only nine customers have complained, we haven't heard too much with regards to 'Bendgate'.

That is until now. Tech website BGR is reporting that one of their readers saw something very interesting at an Apple store recently. While the reader was returning a iPhone 6, he apparently saw a screen pop-up on the Apple rep's point of sale system asking for a reason for return.

According to the anonymous person the only option listed on that screen was asking if the iPhone was being returned because it was bent.

BGR then claim they have confirmed with a trusted source that this is in-fact what happens when an iPhone 6 or 6+ customer goes to an Apple store to return their handset.

In the past with older iPhones, Apple POS systems have always asked whether the device was being returned for because it was defective, rather than asking for a specific fault.

Now that the tech giant is asking whether the device is bent clearly shows that they are acknowledging 'Bendgate' is a more widespread problem.

Just a few days ago it was thought that Apple had silently implemented a fix to the weak point in the new iPhone 6 and 6+, but renowned Apple news website 9to5Mac quickly dismissed all possibility that this could be true.