Google's London campus gets its first Bitcoin ATM machine

Google has given its backing to cryptocurrency by installing a Bitcoin ATM in their London campus.

Technology giant Google have installed the UK's sixth BTM (Bitcoin telling machine) in its campus in London.

Despite the Bitcoin hype quietening down in recent months Google has continued its push to get people to experiment with the cryptocurrency.

This latest move comes a few months after the Google joined hands with Bitcoin digital wallet provider Coinbase in order to develop a cryptocurrency price tracker.

The campus' 35,000 members and their 100,000 yearly visitors will be able to use the BTM, which is situated in the base of the Google's seven-storey complex. The machine can be used to buy Bitcoin with your bank card or cash, so long as it's in note form; the Bitcoin can then be used to purchase food and drink from the Google's basement cafe.

As well as using the machine to purchase your daily essentials, Google wants to encourage and inspire technology entrepreneurs to think of different ways in which the currency can be used.

Head of Google's London campus told IBTimes: "Campus members love to experiment and relish access to the most cutting-edge tech commerce opportunities out there.

"Having one of the UK's first BTMs at Campus London is only going to encourage more innovation, experimentation and, as a result, transformative British companies."

Google had to partner with two of the campus' startup companies in order for the BTM to come to fruition. They have collaborated with Bitbuddy, who own and are the operators of the machine and Callsign, who have installed an identification add-on into the machine's interface.