Elder Scrolls Online Update 5 now live, VR changes, new dungeon & more

The Elder Scrolls Online Screen 2

The latest batch of changes has been added to The Elder Scrolls Online.

Zenimax has added the fifth major update to The Elder Scrolls Online bringing with it a number of new changes including an overhaul of Veteran Ranks, a new Veteran dungeon (Veteran City of Ash) and enhanced facial animations amongst other things.

According to Zenimax, “We have completed the implementation of the basic FaceFX pipeline, processed over 100,000 lines of dialogue and completed the phoneme creation for all of the races in the game.

“Facial animations will now synchronize with the dialogue they are speaking. There are some specific monsters that are not updated yet because they do not share the standard “human” animation rig, but these will be updated in the future.”

Veteran Points have now been completely removed from ESO. From now onwards Veteran Ranks can only be earned via experience points. When you earn a Veteran Rank you’ll gain an Attribute Point and Skill Point. Veteran Ranks should also now take less time to get.

Other new features included with Update 5 include solo and dungeon scaling, Undaunted Enclaves and repeatable Pledges, Crafting Certifications, Writs and Survey Reports and the new Dwemer crafting style.

For a full rundown on Update 5, hit this link to get to the patch notes.

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