Star Citizen reveals its FPS mode: zero gravity combat ensues

Star Citizen FPS mode

Cloud Imperium Games show off the FPS module of Star Citizen during PAX Australia.

Star Citizen, the space trading and combat simulator, has been getting shown off a PAX Australia this weekend. More importantly, the FPS module of the game was showcased during the event.

Cloud Imperium Games' head Chris Roberts showed off Star Citizen's FPS elements during a live stage demo.

In the video below it shows a team of four players taking a look around a space station. It then shifts to the viewpoints of four other players of an opposing team, preparing an ambush.

The next part of the demo highlights the zero-gravity aspect, which you can toggle on and off when aboard a ship. Gravity can also be lost if a ship becomes damaged too.

The FPS module of Star Citizen is still in development, along with the planetside experience, persistent universe, and the singleplayer/co-op campaign called Squadron 42.

Have a look at the FPS mode below.

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