Sunset Overdrive review

Sunset Overdrive 1

Sunset City is the first place on the planet to sample Overdrive, a new fizzy drink that turns its users into slavering man-eating mutants.

Floyd from Sunset’s brewery calls it the “awesomepocalypse”. Looking a bit like Dreamcast classic Jet Set Radio, a big, colourful city is there for you to explore by grinding rails and roofs, bouncing on parked cars and laying waste to swathes of howling freaks using oversized weaponry. The plot revels in its own silliness, its self-referential humour mocking the trumped-up missions and familiar crate-smashing, object-fetching objectives. Sunset Overdrive is a raucous ride, engineered for maximum fun and hilarity.


 MX Vs ATV Supercross, Xbox 360, PS3 & PC

 In MX Vs ATV, bikes and four-wheel all-terrain vehicles face off in a series of races along jump-laden dirt tracks. As in previous outings, one stick steers and the other leans your rider, adding a degree of interest to the business of getting round corners. Races have wildly uneven difficulty levels, and you’ll find yourself 30 seconds behind the leader in one, only to win by a similar margin in the next. But despite its low-rent looks, interminably long races and a physics model that bears no resemblance to the branch of science established by Isaac Newton, it’s not entirely without its charms – especially when riding the more responsive ATVs.

Nordic Games, £18.94-£34.99

 Boom Beach: Task Force Update, Android & iOS

 From the same people who produce the highly addictive and eternally chart-topping Clash Of Clans, Boom Beach is another lightly social realtime-strategy-meets-tower-defence game that’s free to download, but outrageously tempting to pour actual money into once you become hooked. It’s been around for months, but the latest update adds massive cooperative missions that get you to team up in task forces of up to 50 players to take on fearsomely powerful objectives in what is rather a big shakeup for such a finely balanced game.

Supercell, free

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