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Here are the games the HITC gaming writers are playing this weekend.

There's lots of Halloween themed events going on this weekend in games-land, some of which we'll be getting involved in. Otherwise here's what we're playing at the moment. 

Adam - Bayonetta 2

A little less game playing for pleasure this week for me, as I'll be playing Bayonetta 2 to bring you a review whenever I finish it. Not to say Bayonetta 2 won't be a pleasure to play, it's just more work-orientated... you know what I mean. So far I've only played the demo, which I wrote up my impressions of a few weeks back, and I enjoyed what I experienced.

Bayonetta 2's combat felt super slick and satisfying when pulling off the combo moves, and some of the attacks are really elaborate and over the top too. After playing the demo it definitely put the game on my wishlist, so I'm looking forward to getting stuck in and seeing if the rest of the game offers up more of what the demo teased.

Like I said in my impressions, I had no idea what was going on, no context or real story was given to me, so that's something else I'd like to discover in the full game. It'll also be interesting to see how much use Bayonetta 2 makes of the Wii U's GamePad, seeing as that's a big part of what the Wii U is. Hyrule Warriors made decent use of it, but I'd love to see it incorporated a little more in other games to legitimise its existence.


Matt - Grand Theft Auto Online

This weekend I will be going back to GTA Online, having had a couple of months away. There is something cathartic about cruising around Los Santos, just biding your time, listening to the radio and deciding what to do next. That is one of the beauties of GTA Online, events unfold out of nothing. One minute you're driving through the Rockford Hills estate, next your getting cut up by another player and chasing them into the Vinewood Hills, shooting as you go. After all, you can't let someone dent your new car can you? As well as the element of cruising around the huge GTA V map, the other joy of GTA Online is playing against your fellow players in Race, Deathmatch, Capture, Raid and Parachuting Jobs. That is where the real test of skill comes in.

This weekend see's a special Halloween update with Double RP and cash on all Deathmatches as well as 50% off Masks, Orange Weapons Tints, Orange Parachute Smoke and more.

Having not played for a while it will be interesting to see if much has changed, and interesting to see what's in my garage. It is true that GTA very much appeals to my addiction to collections and I can never have enough garage space. To that point I think I'll be trying to raise the money for a new garage this week so that I can continue growing the collection. If only they would release Heists for GTA Online.


Steve - Dungeons and Dragons Chronicles of Mystara

As well as jumping into Borderlands to get a Jack-o’-Cannon this weekend I’ll be playing D&D Chronicles of Mystara - a bundle of Tower of Doom and Shadow over Mystara. Shadow over Mystara specifically is a game that passed me by in the arcades a little, being that it came along when I started to frequent them less. I remember well however playing it once in Southend after losing most of my money to Sega Rally and thinking at the time how it was like the natural evolution of games like Golden Axe. I soon died (I was weak) and that's the only experience I'd had of the game until it popped up on PS Plus this month.

Now with the benefits of pausing and saving (and of course not having to have a pocket full of coin to play it) I’m able to build on that all too brief experience of a game that by all accounts maintains a bit of a cult following today.

I love how Capcom have attempted to shoehorn an RPG into the side scrolling beat ‘em up format with Mystara, you get to level up, fill up on loots, find hidden items, use different class specific spells and follow different story paths. While the combat is your nuts and bolts Golden Axe/Streets of Rage type stuff, you get to swap out spells and items on the fly with a set of fiddly real time menus and this lets you play around with the characters a lot. You get to do some interesting fantasy special moves, call an elemental, go invisible, polymorph an enemy... and the game is full of cheesy call outs from the characters and NPCs.

I've only played Mystara on my own so far but I'm already thinking about different class combinations to try out with others. The whole experience is quite unique for a game of its ilk and one that’s a joy to uncover years later.

So that's what we're up to games-wise this weekend. How about you?

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