Total War: Rome II receives evil update for Halloween

Total War Rome 2 Halloween

Latest free update for Rome II includes Festival of Lemuria and Nightmare Mode.

It is very much the season for things that go bump in the night and Total War have got in the spirit (Pun Intended) with a suitably evil update for Rome II, which is now live.

In Roman times the Festival of Lemuria was a time to cleanse your home of evil spirits. This was acheived, like most things in Rome, by having a feast, during which you excorsised the spirits with offerings of beans and the clashing of cooking pots. Many believe the festival to be the earliest form of trick or treating.

Nightmare Mode will be as challenging as it sounds, essentially acting as a new difficulty level. The mode will cause your troops to have vivid hallucinations of Harpies and other atrocities as a terrifying atmosphere comes over the battle. Nightmare Mode also gives all enemy troops the scare ability making this incredibly tricky This will be especially testing on morale so make sure your Generals are up to the task.

If you are lucky or skilled enough to guide your army through Nightmare Mode and actually complete the campaign then you will recieve a special Steam achievement as well as the unwavering respect of those around you, or something like that.

Dare you take the trip into your own Nightmares?

Further details on the new update along with a few details on the upcoming Total War: Atilla release can be found in the Rally Point video below.

Total War: Rome II Emporer Edition is available to purchase now on Steam or directly from Total War



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