HITC's Halloween Horror Show

HITC's games authors pick their favorite horror games for Halloween.

There are so many games on the market that would be perfect for Halloween, wether it's classic titles like Ocean Software's The Addams Family, or brand new gorefest Bethesda's The Evil Within. It depends what you want to get out of your Halloween experience, a bit of fun or to simply be left shivering in the corner with only your imagination left to comfort you. Warning the latter option is not recommended.

With this in mind we at Here Is The City decided to write a piece on our favorite games for the Halloween season, proceed with caution, what you find inside may haunt your dreams.

Adam - Alan Wake

When the rest of the HITC team and I were discussing what games we were going to recommend for Halloween, I immediately thought of Outlast – it’s absolutely petrifying.

But, I thought about my choice a little more, and decided I’d recommend something that’s still scary, but is also one of my favourite games of all time. That’s when I thought of Alan Wake. It’s an incredibly atmospheric and slightly twisted game developed by Remedy Entertainment, the creators of Max Payne.

In the game you play as thriller novelist Alan Wake, as he and his wife go on vacation to the sleepy backwater town of Bright Falls, Washington. They rent out a sufficiently creepy old cabin in the middle of nowhere, and Alan discovers his wife has arranged the trip to try and help him overcome his writer’s block. Alan isn’t best pleased by this, so he storms off to take a walk, only to hear the screams of his wife back at the cabin, which he quickly goes to investigate. I won’t tell you any more than that for fear of spoilers, but the game involves some clever writing, tense third-person combat, and a super-sinister atmosphere throughout. It’s a definite Halloween must-play!


Matt - Project Zero

Choosing one game out of the myriad of Horror games was always going to be tricky, at first I thought Silent Hill 2, too obvious, then I thought Super Ghouls 'n' Ghosts on the SNES but then it struck me. The one game that had managed to scare the living dead out of me. A game so creepy and so dispicably evil that the majority of players never get past the first hour out of sheer terror. Yes my friends the game is Tecmo's 2001 supernatural survival horror Project Zero on the PS2, known in the US as Fatal Frame and Japan as Zero. 

In Project Zero you play as Miku Hinasaki who, armed only with a Camera Obscura goes to the derelict Himuro Mansion to search for her lost older brother Mafuyu. The mansion is supposedly haunted but this doesn't put Miku off. 

From the opening sequence it is obvious that things are going to turn nasty very quickly as the player is involved in a grainy black & white flashback sequence, seen through her brothers eyes. 

I won't give too much more of the plot away but the one thing that sets this game apart from other games, such as Resident Evil or Silent Hill, is the complete lack of weapons. The only way to 'kill' the ghosts is to capture them by taking their picture. Not so scary you say? Did I forget to mention that you can also only see the ghosts through the lens of the camera? Yes, it is this element which gives this game the ultimate in jump factor, you can be walking along a dark corridor, thinking you can hear something, bring the camera up to your eye and bam, terrifying ghost 2 feet from your face.

If you want to stay up all night this halloween then get this game, not only is it a fantastic story but it will keep you awake from the nightmares.


Steve - Dead Space

The most memorable scary game I’ve played would have to be Dead Space. Effective with the jump scares and continually tense, there’s an ongoing uncertainty of when your next enemy is going to get the jump on you and making the smallest of tracks through the game can get the heart racing. Taking inspiration from movies like Alien and The Thing, Dead Space has you on board an abandoned mining ship that unfortunately for you is full of nightmarish monsters looking to tear you to bits. Great terrifying atmospheric cinematics, spine chilling set pieces and nasty gory dismemberment are delivered in just the right balance and this is complemented by the game’s level designs and lighting effects perfectly. The first few hours of Dead Space is seriously some of the scariest stuff you’ll see in a game and not just for you playing it, it’s just as scary for the spectator. They say in space no one can hear you scream, in Dead Space everyone in earshot can…


So there we have it fright fans, are you suitibly striken by fear? Remember to stay safe this Halloween, you never know what's lurking around the next corner.

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