Xbook Duo combines Xbox 360 and Xbox One in a single system

Xbook Duo

A custom console modder has built a portable laptop case for his Microsoft Xbox consoles.

Eddie Zarick has been at it again, he's created the a new custom laptop which combines Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Xbox One in one unit. He previously made the Xbook One and Playbook 4.

Named the 'Xbook Duo' it's a personal laptop project by Zarick, just to see whether he could actually build it, rather than it being for a customer like his other creations.

The Xbook Duo was created because Zarick was disappointed he couldn't play his Xbox 360 Games on his new Xbox One when he bought it. This system houses both consoles, and uses the Xbox One's power brick to power them one at a time, via a switch.

Head over to Zarick's website for more details on the prototype, and a look at how he built it.

The below video also runs through his thought process and takes a look at where the buttons, disc trays, and ports are etc. It's a nice looking piece of kit, and it works too!

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