WWE - Monday Night Raw Results 27th Oct 2014


Rating and reviewing the matches and segments from this weeks Raw. CONTAINS SPOILERS.

Raw is always interesting the night after a Pay-per-view and considering what happened at Hell In A Cell the night before this was sure to be a Raw full of intrigue.

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The night started with The Authority coming to the ring to talk about Rollins' victory at Hell In A Cell while also dismissing Orton in the process. Seth Rollins quickly comes out to claim that the feud with Dean Ambrose is now over and he would be targetting John Cena from now on. A very angry Randy Orton then emerges, spitting hatred at Rollins and telling HHH to shut up. He attacks Rollins but Kane, Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble break it up. Orton says he won't stop untill Rollins is dead. He eventually breaks free and hits an RKO on Rollins before rolling out of the ring and leaving. Could Orton be leaving the Authority and turning Babyface?

Segment Rating 8/10


Gold & Stardust Vs Big Show & Mark Henry (Tag Team Title Match)

Gold & Stardust were fresh from their victory over the Usos at Hell In A Cell whilst Big Show had yet again been defeated by Rusev. This was a hard fought match with Gold & Stardust struggling with the sheer size and strength of Big Show & Henry. Big Show delievered a series of huge slaps on Stardust, causing him to fall around the ring, only for Mark Henry to then throw him all over the arena. Things started to go the way of the Tag Team Champs however when Big Show tagged himself in. Henry was unhappy at this and promptly argued with Big Show in the ring. Big Show then applied his new submission move on Goldust but Stardust managed to break the hold before he tapped out. Goldust then started to dominate Mark Henry with several shots to the legs, bringing the big man down. With Henry struggling Big Show tagged himself in again, steamrolling his way through Stardust and Goldust. He then hits the KO Punch and was about to pin Stardust when Henry snapped. He broke the count and then picked Big Show up, delivering a Worlds Strongest Slam and letting Stardust cover for the Pin. Gold & Stardust run away with their titles as Henry picks up Big Show, delivering another Worlds Strongest Slam. Henry then watches Big Show stagger to his feet before picking him up for a third Worlds Strongest Slam followed by a Big Splash. It looks like the old feud between Big Show and Mark Henry is back with a vengance.

Match Rating 8/10


Next was a short inteview with Roman Reigns talking about the events of Hell In A Cell. The only point really being that Reigns wanted to let the WWE Universe know that, once he's back from injury, he'll be coming after Seth Rollins.

Segment Rating 5/10


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AJ Lee Vs Alicia Fox (Paige at commentary table)

This was a good match, even though AJ did very little wrestling. Alicia was on great form though, delivering some strong moves and showing real passion and energy. Alicia managed to hit a savage looking Back Breaker and almost pinned AJ but the Diva's Champ managed to kick out. The match finished poorly however, Paige got angry as AJ started to hit a few moves, she went to the ropes and screamed at Alicia to win, with Alicia distracted AJ got a simple rollup to win. Pretty much the only thing she really did all match. We all know she can wrestle so matches like this are just annoying. After AJ left Paige entered the ring and gave Alicia a savage beating, causing Jerry Lawler to go to Alicias aid.

Match Rating 7/10


John Cena was next to the ring, speaking about Hell In A Cell and saying that he would destroy Seth Rollins in their match later that evening. Stephanie McMahon then came to the ring asking him to be the best he can be by becoming the team captain for The Authority. She then says that there will be a traditional Elimination Tag Match at the upcoming Survivor Series PPV. Cena refuses and Triple H comes to the ring, telling Steph that he knew Cena wouldn't join them. He then told Cena that as he wouldn't join The Authority then he would be their competition at Survivor Series. With that the match was announced, it would be Team Authority Vs Team Cena at Survivor Series.

Segment Rating 8/10


The Miz & Damien 'Mizdow' Vs The Usos

This was a pretty standard match with no real stand out moments, we were treated the usual Flying Usos and some good moments from 'Mizdow'. The crowd didn't seem to notice much about the match and just chanted 'We Want Mizdow' throughout. If WWE want to capitalize on the current popularity of Sandow he really needs to turn Babyface and break off his partership with Miz soon or the gimmick will be lost. The Usos won the match after they illegally swapped, fooling Miz into thinking it was the injured Uso in the ring and getting a cheap roll up.

Match Rating 6/10


Hulk Hogan was next to the ring but disappointingly he didn't have much to say, this was a pure PR stunt for their collaboration with the Susan G Koman Rise Against Cancer campaign. Whilst this is a great cause and something that WWE should be highly praised for it can certainly be embarrasing when they wheel out Hogan for these things. We all want to see Hogan the Legend not Hogan the PR machine, spouting a laboured script, no matter the cause.

Segment Rating 5/10


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Next we saw John Cena back stage talking to Dolph Ziggler, we couldn't hear what they were saying but it was almost certainly about joining Team Cena for Survivor Series.


Bo Dallas was next to the ring, offering an open challenge to whoever wanted to fight him. He was soon stunned as Ryback emerged at the top of the ramp.

Bo Dallas Vs Ryback

The absence of Ryback appears to have done him some good as the crowd were fully on his side, chanting "Feed Me More" throughout the match. Bo Dallas looked scared of the big man as they eventually tangled. Ryback made pretty short work of Dallas hitting all his trademark moves quickly, finally hitting Shellshock and pinning Dallas. This was a good return for Ryback and he looked ready to make a push once again.

Match Rating 7/10


Cesaro Vs Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose came to the ring but refused to enter, instead choosing to stand on the Announce table with a microphone in his hand. He then went on to talk about how much he loved Hell In A Cell and asking why Bray Wyatt had attacked him. He then snapped in true Ambrose fashion, running into the ring and hitting Cesaro over and over again with the microphone, Cesrao rolled out of the ring only to be persued by an incensed Ambrose who continued his attack with the mic. Cesaro escaped back stage and Ambrose got back in the ring, calling out Wyatt as he did. We can assume Cesaro is the winner via disqualification although the bell never rang to start the match. Bray Wyatt then appeared on the Titantron, delivering another fantastic promo. He went on to claim that he and Ambrose were one and the same and that he was haunted by that. He finished by telling Ambrose that they were not friends and that he would destroy the mind of Ambrose. The stage is now fully set for a Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose feud and we can't wait to see the WWE's two darkest characters go head to head.

Segment Rating 7/10


We then cut to a backstage segment, with Kane cornering Dolph Ziggler, asking about his conversation with Cena earlier. Kane says that he will punish Ziggler for speaking to Cena in a match later that night.


Nikki Bella w/ Brie Bella Vs Naomi

Following their match at Hell In A Cell Brie now has to be Nikki's PA for 30 days. Tonight she accompanied her sister to the ring to run interference and she didn't look happy about it. Both Nikki and Naomi pulled off some great moves in good convincing fight. Naomi showed off the skills we used to see in her short feud with Alicia Fox not that long ago, while Nikki pulled out some old school clasics, such as a brilliant Alabama Slam. Naomi was on a good run when Brie tripped her at ringside, looking devastated as she did so. Naomi turned to Brie, asking her why, allowing Nikki to pick her up and finish with the Rack Attack. We just hope this 30 days goes quickly and that can be the end of it.

Match Rating 7/10


Dolph Ziggler Vs Kane

Kane was back to his best for this match, dominating Ziggler for long periods of the match. Ziggler managed to turn it around with a fantastic Dropkick before Kane gott him in position for what looked like a Last Ride. Ziggler countered with a Face Buster. Kane then hit a stunning KO Punch, sending Ziggler flying across the ring, he took too long to cover him though and Ziggler kicked out. Ziggler then managed to pick up some steam, flying around the ring like a man posessed and almost getting Kane down. Kane eventually countered with a classic Side Slam before taking Ziggler to the top rope only for Ziggler to counter with a Zig Zag. The constant back and forth continued with Zigglers' Super Kick being matched by Kanes' Big Boot. This great match finished when Kane went for the Choke Slam, only for Ziggler to counter again and get the Pin. Immediately as the Referee hit the 3 count Seth Rollins appeared and beat Ziggler along with Kane, Mercury and Noble. Cena then came down the ramp and fought them off. 

Match Rating 9/10


John Cena Vs Seth Rollins

A heavily bandaged Rollins came back to the ring, Mercury and Noble in tow, to start his match with John Cena. Cena wasted no time in targeting the bandaged ribs of Rollins who cried out in pain and left the ring everytime Cena hit them. This went on for quite a while before Cena got annoyed and chased him outside the ring. Rollins turned it around by using Noble and Mercury as a shield before attacking Cena. Rollins' security detail made their presence felt from then on, hitting cheap shots everytime Rollins distracted the referee. Cena was knocked out of the ring and yet again Noble & Mercury kicked him before Rollins launched himself through the ropes, taking out Cena, but also hitting his ribs on the announce table, allowing Cena some breathing room. They got back in the ring and Cena almost got the AA but Rollins countered with a DDT before really punishing Cena with some savage kicks and punches. Cena managed to get back into it, performing his U Can't C Me routine and then throwing Rollins over the top rope and into Mercury and Noble. He later hit Rollins with a DDT of his own from the top rope but Rollins managed to Kick Out. Eventually Rollins went for a Kerb Stomp but Cena saw it coming and countered with the STF. Rollins was about to tap out when Kane appeared and broke the hold. Cena wins with a Disqualification. Kane then attacked Cena but was cut short by Dolph Ziggler who ran out to defend Cena. A brawl broke out when suddenly the entire locker room rushed to the ring to brawl eachother, showing their support for either Team Cena or Team Authority. The battle lines are now drawn for Survivor Series, what will happen between now and then is anyones guess but it's going to be fun finding out.

Match Rating 9/10


Survivor Series will be on Sunday 23rd November 2014

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