Destiny's The Dark Below due 9th Dec, extra content for PlayStation

Destiny The Dark Below Expansion I Strike Shot 3

Xbox and PlayStation users can get their hands on the first Destiny expansion soon, but Sony console owners will receive some extra timed-exclusive content.

The first expansion pack for Bungie and Activision's Destiny has been announced to arrive on 9th December 2014. The pack will include new weapons and gear, along with new story missions and more.

The light level cap will be raised from 30 to 32, with the new gear in the expansion enabling the jump from 30 to 32.

The new story quests and missions will be dished out from a new character at the Tower, called Eris. The missions will revolve around the Hive trying to summon their god Crota.

A new strike mission call The Will of Crota will be added. However, there's another strike exclusive to PlayStation owners called The Undying Mind, along with a new exotic item and more. This exclusive strike will be with Sony's PS3 and PS4 consoles until Autumn 2015 at the very least.

A new 6-player Raid, Crota's End, is included which is set within the Hellmouth. It will unlock soon after the release of the expansion, similar to how the current Vault of Glass raid unlocked following Destiny's release.

Bounty slots will increase from the current 5 to 10, meaning less downtime between adventuring when running back to the Tower to hand them in.

Three new PVP maps will be added to the Crucible: Pantheon - a map with tight corridors set in the Black Garden. Skyshock - a new vehicle map at an old interplanetary defence array. And finally The Cauldron, a close-quarters map amongst an abandoned Hive ritual site.

The Dark Below costs £19.99 ($19.99) on its own, but the Destiny Expansion Pass will bag you both Expansion 1, The Dark Below, and Expansion 2, House of Wolves (launching some time in 2015) for £34.99 ($34.99).

A Halloween themed pumpkin head was also added to Destiny this week, in celebration of the spooky holiday.

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