WWE - Hell In A Cell 2014 Results

WWE Hell In A Cell 2014

Rating and reviewing the matches from this years Hell In A Cell Pay-per-view

Sunday 26th October brought us the sixth annual Hell In A Cell pay-per-view event live from Dallas, Texas. Famed for being one of the toughest and most brutal pay-per-views in the WWE calendar this is always one to look out for and this year did not disappoint.


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Mark Henry Vs Bo Dallas (Kick Off Show Match)

Mark Henry and Bo Dallas have been feuding for a little while now, with Dallas playing the heel very well. His character has just the right amount of dillusion and crazy to pull it off. Being the kick off match we all knew that it would be short but perhaps not this short. Dallas entered the ring insulting the home crowd saying he would change his name to Bo Washington now that he had been to Dallas. He only took a couple of steps into the ring before Henry picked him up, delivered a Worlds Strongest Slam and pinned him. Dallas rolled out of the ring screaming that Henry had cheated, Henry persued him, throwing him into the side barriers, then left.

Match rating 6/10


Dolph Ziggler Vs Cesaro (2 out of 3 falls Intercontinental Title Match)

Ziggler and Cesaro are arguably two of the most technically brilliant wrestlers in the WWE right now so this match was odds on to be a good one. The match started strongly, both wrestlers getting into a proper old school grappling match before taking it outside the ring. The first pin came after Cesaro delivered his trademark swing on Ziggler, only for a slightly dazed Ziggler to manage a rollup for the first Pinfall. After this it appeared that Cesaro had "injured" his arm, Ziggler took advantage with a number of high impact moves targeting the injured arm. Cesaro managed an amazing Superplex from the top rope, slowing the match down for a few moments. Ziggler then hit a stunning Arm Breaker followed by a Superkick, stunning Cesaro. This was immediately followed by a perfectly executed Zig Zag allowing Ziggler to get the second Pinfall and retain his title.

Match Rating 9/10


Brie Bella Vs Nikki Bella

The Brie Vs Nikki story has been fairly laughable from the start so we weren't holding out much expectation for this match. The kicker to this match was that which ever sister lost they would have to be the others personal assistant for the next 30 days, exciting stuff. The match itself was very slow, Brie largely dominating her sister and pulling off some decent moves. Nikki was screaming a lot and managed to hit the Rack Attack and almost pin Brie, but she kicked out. Brie then went into Danial Bryan mode, yes we get that they are married but is she not allowed her own move set? Eventually she got Nikki into the Yes Lock but Nikki reached the ropes. Nikki then hit a second Rack Attack and managed to pin Brie.

Match Rating 6/10


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The Usos Vs Gold & Stardust (Tag Team Title Match)

These have been the dominant tag teams recently and we have seen them go at it week after week on Raw, each team picking up wins. This was a fantastic match between two sets of brothers who work so well together. The Usos were in control at the start of the match until Stardust turned heel and got aggressive. He attacked Jimmy Uso outside the ring and then picked up momentum, absolutely controling the match, which was a real joy to watch. Slightly predictably we were then treated to the usual Flying Usos, turning the match around once again. Goldust managed to gain momentum later on with a brilliant display of agression and technicality, performing a stunning Spine Buster. The match ended with Goldust hitting Jey Uso with the Curtain Call for the pin. Gold & Stardust retain the Tag Team Titles.

Match Rating 8/10


John Cena Vs Randy Orton (Hell In A Cell Match for Number 1 Contender Position)

Cena and Orton have been involved in an On/Off feud since they joined the company 12 years ago and this was set to be the finale. The winner of this match would be granted a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match against current champ Brock Lesnar. Despite the fact that WWE has been slowly moving away from the PG Era recently this match would see the two heroes of the PG Era in a decidedly PG Hell In A Cell Match. There were long periods of the match where absolutely nothing was going on and the crowd could sense it, there was even a chant of "boring" at one point, unheard of in a Hell In The Cell match previously. There were some decent moments however, Orton hitting a few low blows among them. The match did pick up nearer the end, with Cena going through a table and a few chair shots on each wrestler. The match ended with Cena getting an AA on Orton, who kicked out. Cena then went to hit another AA but Orton countered. Eventually the two men went to the 2nd rope and brawled it out untill Cena hit another AA, putting Orton through a table below, just managing to get an arm over Orton for the win. Cena will face Brock Lesnar for a title shot.

Match Rating 7/10


The Miz w/ Damien Mizdow Vs Sheamus (United States Championship Match)

The feud between Miz and Sheamus has largely become WWE's comedy routine of late and this match would go all out on the comedy. The match started well, with Sheamus trying to hit an early Brogue Kick only for Miz to side step. Sheamus then took the match outide the ring only for Miz to try and punch him, missing and hitting Mizdow instead. Mizdow was as always the comedy element to this match, emulating all of Miz's moves on the outside to the cheers of the crowd, who once again were chanting "We Want Sandow". Eventually though it was Sheamus who would retain his title, hitting a brutal Brogue Kick and pinning Miz. After the match Mizdow lay down next to Miz to emulate his defeated pose. Sheamus then used Miz's "unconcious" body to make Mizdow dance like a puppet, a genuinely funny moment which had the crowd and commentary team laughing hard.

Match Rating 7/10


Rusev Vs Big Show

The USA Vs Russia story line continued with yet more overly patriotic musings on how Rusev is a "threat to the American People". This time Big Show had vowed to avenge America for his dominance but it was not to be. Storyline aside this was a fantastic match. Ever since the days of Hulk Hogan and Andre The Giant it has been awesome to watch two huge wrestlers destroy eachother and this was no exception. Rusev's strategy was top notch, attacking the left knee of Big Show, slowly grinding him down and keeping him off his feet. One amazing moment came when Rusev managed to Suplex Big Show, the gasps from the crowd were audible to everyone. Big Show picked up the pace and hit Rusev with a Spear before delivering a huge Chokeslam, Rusev however managed to kick out. The match ended with Rusev hitting Big Show with three successive Super Kicks, knocking Big Show to the ground and allowing Rusev to apply The Accolade, making Big Show tap out for the win. This was a real shock result as we really did think that after all of the hype Big Show would win this one. Could the rumours of Rusev fighting The Rock at Wrestlemania actually be true? We really hope so.

Match Rating 8/10


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AJ Lee Vs Paige w/ Alicia Fox (Diva's Championship Match)

This was a good match and a great advert for how good the Diva's Championship could be if they would move away from the Total Divas angle. Both AJ and Paige were on great form, pulling off great athletic moves and showing some real aggression along with them. Whilst it was a great match it was over pretty quickly, AJ got Paige with a savage Neckbreaker while both were stood on the crowd barriers, Paige looked in genuine pain as she landed awkwardly. Alicia rolled her back into the ring and AJ got Paige into the Black Widow. This may have been a genuine injury for Paige as she tapped immediately, not even waiting a few seconds to try and struggle out of it. Paige lay on the floor for a while after the match before standing up and slapping Alicia before leaving. AJ Lee retains the Diva's Championship Title.

Match Rating 7/10


Dean Ambrose Vs Seth Rollins (Hell In A Cell Match)

This match has been a long time in the making, with Rollins managing to evade Ambrose effectively since he betrayed the Shield back in June. Whilst Cena Vs Orton was sure to be fairly PG, this match up was much more likely to go back to traditional Hell In A Cell carnage. Before the match officially started Ambrose filled the ring with chairs and then proceeded to climb the outside of the cell and wait on top for Rollins to come out. When Rollins did come down the entrance ramp he had brought Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble, his personal bodyguards, with him. He then proceeded to send them after Ambrose on top of the cell. When they got there Ambrose attacked them with a Kendo stick as Rollins sneaked up behind him. He knocked Ambrose down while Mercury and Noble restrained him. Ambrose managed to escape and deliver suplexes to Mercury and Noble on top of the cage while Rollins ran away, making his way down the side of the cell. Ambrose caught up and the two brawled while half way up the cell, ending with both of them falling to the ground and through the announce tables. Medics came out and strapped them to gurneys to be wheeled away. The crowd started to boo thinking it was over already but Ambrose had other ideas. He jumped off his gurney and ran toward Rollins, attacking the medics and knocking Rollins to the floor, before dragging him to the ring. Once the two entered the ring, the door was locked and the match could officially start. Ambrose unleashed Hell on Rollins with a barrage of chair shots before the two proceeded to brawl and throw eachother against all four sides of the cage and ring. Ambrose was Suplexed onto a pile of chairs before he managed to Elbow Drop Rollins through an elevated table on the outside of the ring. Ambrose was dominating until Kane appeared outside the cage, spraying Ambrose with a fire extinguisher. This allowed Rollins to gain momentum, eventually hitting Ambrose with a Kerb Stomp. Ambrose amazingly managed to kick out however only to be beaten with a chair by Rollins. Ambrose then hit Rollins with the Money In The Bank briefcase and was about to hit a Kerb Stomp of his own on Rollins when the stadium lights went out. In the darkness some demonic chanting started, the lights came up to a blue flicker and the arena was full of "stars". Ambrose looked stunned as mist rose from the floor with a spirit like hologram inside. Ambrose watched it in a trance untill Bray Wyatt ran full force through the mist, hitting Ambrose with a Splash. Ambrose was out cold and Rollins slowly approached as Wyatt knelt by Ambrose' side praying. He covered Ambrose for the three count and ran away quickly as Wyatt began to laugh. Wyatt then picked Ambrose up and delivered a crushing Sister Abigail. The event finished with Wyatt laughing maniacally into the cameras.

Whilst this match was truly awesome, and Bray Wyatt coming back and attacking Ambrose was great, why could it not have happened after the match had finished? At least then we could have finally had an ending to the Ambrose/Rollins feud. What we do like however is the idea of a Wyatt/Ambrose feud as that could get very destructive, very quickly.

Match Rating 10/10


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