Road-legal Batmobile to go on sale

The Batmobile

And if you’ve £90,000 spare you can drive about and get an idea of just how much of a boss Batman must feel.

A fully road-legal replica of the Batmobile as driven by Michael Keaton in the 1989 Batman movie is to go up for auction in Weybridge, Surrey next month..

Price-wise the Batmobile replica is expected to make £90,000 at auction, a snippet of the £2.3 million paid for the original 1960s TV Batmobile earlier this year.

Batmobile Replica 1

Under the hood of the jet black Batmobile replica you’ll find a straight six, fuel-injected Jaguar 3.2 litre engine. Coming with automatic transmission, the rear-wheel drive Bat-motor also boasts hydraulic suspension - able to raise the car by a further nine inches - and a flame thrower fitted at the back to emulate the Batmobile design in Tim Burton’s imagining of Gotham’s vigilante super hero.

Batmobile Replica 3

Built in a year in the UK on a custom chassis, it’s stated the Batmobile will hit 60mph in under five seconds.

The car is to go on sale at the Historics car auction on 30th November where it’s expected to make between £70,000 and £90,000. Edward Bridger-Stille, from Historics, said: "The car is like a dream for any Batman fan. It brings traffic to a standstill with people wanting to be photographed by it.

Batmobile Replica 2


"It is a smooth-driving car, however there’s not a lot of all-round vision - it’s a bit like a fighter jet in that sense.

"This vehicle is believed to be one of the best after-production, fully road-legal models ever made," he added.

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